Top 7 Tips for Good Health

This is National Health Week (May 11-17th) so we wanted to share some top tips for great health by Women’s Health’s Robin Hilmantel.

Like anything else, establishing early habits that contribute to better well-being is key to a healthier life in later years. With so much to enjoy while living  in South Florida, keeping one’s health as a key priority is so important to maximize that enjoyment!

These are choices that are easy to make and keep for good health.  Here’s our top 7 tips for good health.

Find A Workout You Enjoy

tips for good health

You know the value of exercise but doing activities you enjoy is what’s important!  There are so many choices for staying fit like running, tennis, biking, walking, yoga and more. Find something you enjoy and you’re more likely to stay with it!

Increase Your Water Intake

Make sure you’re staying hydrated. With our summer heat and humidity,  it’s important to make sure you’re drinking enough water.  Sip water throughout the day. Most experts continue to agree that 8 glasses of water per day will help you both physically and even mentally.

Stand More

Many of us have jobs that keep us in chairs pretty much all day. An increasing amount of research shows the more time we are sitting and inactive the higher risk of suffering heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Take breaks and walk around whenever possible.  This tip holds true whether you regularly work out, or not.

Quit Smoking

You already know the dangers of smoking but did you know that if you’re a smoker who quits before the age of 40 you have a much better chance of living longer than those who continue to smoke past the age of 40?  We won’t beat the drum any longer on this tip-we all know smoking is bad and shortens our lives.

Drink Only In Moderation

Some studies have shown that moderate amounts alcohol,  particularly from red wine may be beneficial to good health. But the key is MODERATION!  U.S. dietary guidelines tell us to consume no more than just 7 drinks a day. Now, before you think that means it’s okay to drink all 7 in one day, think again. The maximum number of drinks anyone should consume in one day is three.  Drinking can affect energy levels, skin and contribute to problems like certain cancers and even strokes.

Learn Your Family’s Health History

It’s important to know not only your mom or dad’s health history but also that of your siblings. Many experts are in agreement that your brothers and sisters may actually be a better indicator of family health than your parents. So, when it comes to asking your family members about their health, ask them all.

Do Regular Health Checks

Find a doctor you really like or at least will listen to!  Also, it’s important to stay on top of your health. Make sure you see your OB/GYN at least yearly but also see your general practitioner once a year, as well. Getting a yearly, complete check-up will help you guide yourself toward better health and give you better peace of mind.

Bonus tip

Okay, we said we had 7 tips but here’s one more IMPORTANT tip, especially for women.  SCHEDULE REGULAR FRIEND DATES, that’s right-“girl time”.  Not only will it help you de-stress but believe it or not, according to one study, may help your body burn more calories. Make sure you spend time with friends (you like). You’ll be so much healthier and happier for it!


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