Stress Relief! Tips Just For Women

stress tips for womenFrom juggling a career to caring for kids and maintaining quality friendships, life often moves at a pace that seems hard to keep up with!

If you’re a woman who’s feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you have to manage each day, we have some tips to help you cope and hopefully carve out some “you” time.

1) Take care of yourself. It really is important to care for YOU! That means, taking just a small amount of time to make sure you’re getting some kind of regular exercise.  Maybe it’s a walk around the neighborhood, or a bike ride or time in the gym, whatever you can carve out of your day for exercise will help to relieve stress and help you feel more vibrant.

2) If you’re a mom with small kids, find other mothers to talk with and spend time with. Even if you’re a mom with older kids, having someone to vent to is really important. There’s nothing like talking to someone who can relate to your situation and offer an “ear”.

3) Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Proper rest will help you both mentally and physically and you need to be firing on all cylinders to deal with your daily demands. Turn off the TV and get a proper amount of sleep preferably seven or eight hours a night.

4) Do something that makes you feel pretty? Maybe it’s a manicure, even if you do it yourself, a new top or updated hair style. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but do something that makes you feel good!

5) Don’t over-schedule your day. Remember, sometimes it’s really okay to say “no”.  You can’t do it all, and saying “no” from time-to-time is totally okay.

6) BREATH. Take a few deep breaths during the day. Close your eyes for a few minutes and really concentrate on breathing deeply to help you relax and eliminate some stress.

7) If you’re a mom with small kids, find a good babysitter. Ask friends, people at church or co-workers for names of great babysitters.  Even if you can only schedule one special day or night out each month, it’s important to have that time to enjoy your spouse, significant other or friends.  If your budget is tight, consider sharing babysitting costs with a couple that also has kids.  It’s important to have something to look forward to so make sure you include date time or time out with friends away from kids.

8) Indulge. Sometimes it’s okay to grab some chocolates or other treats and sit in front of the TV to watch a favorite show. As long as you’re taking care of yourself most of the time, an occasional indulgence is not going to be all that detrimental. We all need to “indulge” just a bit.

Stress can creep into each of our lives. It’s important to find ways to deal with it on a daily basis.

Here’s to a more “stress-free” life!