5 Common Pregnancy Myths Explained

Myth #1- Eating for Two

This is the popular myth that leads many women to assume that they now need to “eat for two”.  In reality, a baby only requires an additional 300 daily calories (not 2,000!). However, if you do eat for two, it will cause you to have a bigger baby.

Myth #2- Don’t Fly

We’ve all heard this one—it isn’t safe to fly when pregnant—FALSE! Pregnant women can fly whenever or wherever they want without causing any health risk to them or their child.  This myth may come from the fear of going into labor while flying, which would certainly not be ideal!

Myth #3- Don’t Exercise 

While this may be a convenient excuse for skipping the gym, it is –yet again– a myth. You are safe to continue your workouts without causing your body to pull nutrients from your baby. Do, however, make sure to consume enough food to fuel your body for a workout.

Myth #4- Dying Your Hair Can Harm the Baby

We hear this one all the time! In fact, dying your hair when pregnant will not cause any harm to your baby.  Numerous studies have suggested that there is no evidence that dying your hair when pregnant results in any increased risk for birth defects.

Read more here http://www.justmommies.com/articles/hair-dye-and-pregnancy.shtml

Myth #5- The Babies Position in the Whom Can Determine Sex

Again, false. The position of the baby in the womb does not have any correlation with gender outcome.

What are some pregnancy myths you hear most often? Let us know!