General Office Questions

How do I get in touch with the office?

Obviously if there is a medical emergency you should call 911. After hours you leave a voicemail and the on call physician will call you back.

What insurances do we take?

We take most major insurances and self-pay patients.

Do you have same day appointments?

For certain medical reasons we will make every effort to accommodate patients who need to be seen on an urgent basis.

How do I get my results?

Most lab results are posted on our patient portal. Mammogram results are reported to you by the imaging center where it is performed.

OB questions

Do you care for all OB patients?

We take care of both low risk and high risk OB patients.

Do you do home deliveries?

No, however much of the experience a patient might want at home, can be replicated at our local hospitals.

At which hospitals do you deliver?

Jupiter Medical Center

I am seeing a high risk doctor, but who will be there for the delivery?

Many times we will work in conjunction with a Perinatologist, otherwise known as a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist or High-Risk OB doctor. We are still your regular doctor and will be there for delivery, with the specialist just acting as a consultant.

Gyn questions

How often do I need to get pap smears?

Recent Pap smear guidelines have changed and every patient is unique. Generally,  cervical cancer screening (which is a pap smear) should begin at age 21 and continue every 3-5 years until age 65. Annual exams are still recommended.

When and how often do I get mammograms?

For the routine population, mammograms should start at age 40 and continue every 1-2 years.