As you have already determined through the media, the protocols and procedures regarding efforts to reduce transmission of the coronavirus change almost daily. We are drawing on the experience in other countries to do our best to make recommendations that are sensible to protect all of us from the potential of this viral illness.
As of Monday morning we will  our office to patients only. Anyone accompanying a patient to the office should remain outside the building. This includes children and spouses. This will allow for greater spacing in the waiting room between patients and reduce the chance of virus transmission. We understand that fathers and other family members love to watch ultrasounds of pregnant mothers. Sadly, we do not feel this is a safe practice at the moment. We will take plenty of pictures for the rest of the family to see!
We are also suggesting that patients that have appointments for routine visits consider delaying their visit for 30 days. This includes well woman visits for patients that are otherwise healthy. This is entirely voluntary, but we believe sensible, to protect you and our staff by limiting potential exposure.

We are doing our best to keep our patients healthy and to keep our staff healthy so that we can continue to provide care to those most in need. The magnitude of this potential problem is unprecedented, therefore, no one knows exactly what the correct course of action is. Please be patient and understanding as we do our best to keep everyone safe.
Our job is to keep you healthy or make you well if you are ill. We take that responsibility seriously and will continue to keep your health and safety foremost in our actions.
The Providers and Staff of Partners in Women’s Health