Are office visits with my OB/GYN necessary?



Why do I have to come in? Can’t I just get a prescription over the phone for my symptoms?

Sadly, it is not that simple. There are many reasons, some quite serious, why a patient might have itching “down there”, burning with urination, or pain in the lower abdomen. Coming into the office allows us to do a careful and complete history and physical and to run tests that will help us zone in on what is actually happening so that we can diagnose and treat the offending condition properly and efficiently.

Take vulvar itching for instance. While it could be the culprit, yeast is not the only reason for this common complaint. Conditions such as trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis, herpes, aphthos ulcers, dermatophytes, lichen simplex chronicus, lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, tinea cruris, and psoriasis can all be causes for itching or discomfort in this area. Not familiar with many of these terms? That is precisely why we need to see you.

We know it is not always easy for you to take time during your busy day to come in, but it could save you a lot of heartache down the road. Left untreated, many of these conditions can lead to chronic itching, worsening of symptoms, pain with sexual contact, depression, or anxiety. Improper treatment can lead to secondary infections or even a possible allergy to the treatment itself.

As your healthcare providers, we are passionate about providing comprehensive care and professional care. This can only be done when you make an appointment so that we can pinpoint your problem and treat it promptly and appropriately.